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East Georgia Communications has been serving the Atlanta & Athens Metro areas since 1994. But their experience and expertise in the communications industry extends well beyond that time. Forty-odd years ago, successful and well-respected Larry Chapman with Motorola Service Division in GA. He was renowned as a leader in his field. Larry left Motorola and created East Georgia Communications in Covington, Georgia. He brought his own special skill sets to form and create East Georgia Communications into an industry leader in sales, technical powers, quality customer service, exemplary management and Industry leader for Motorola. East Georgia Communications is an authorized Motorola dealer and authorized Motorola Service Center, distributing Motorola products and services to meet your communications needs in the most cost effective manner. We can help you provide the right equipment for your needs, install and help maintain it correctly, providing unparalleled customer support and timely repair services. East Georgia Communications offers Motorola 2-way radios, Motorola original accessories, Motorola paging products, AVL/GPS systems, Wireless Data Products, Ethernet Systems, Enhanced Antenna Systems (Bi-Directional Amplifiers) Canopy, CAD, RMS, Jail, GIS Mapping, Consoles, Microwave, W1-F1, Mobile Video Recorders and others.

Radar certification can offer their expertise and knowledge to extend your existing networks anywhere from next door to across the county. Working with Motorola's Wireless Networking Solutions, we offer quality products that are both cost-efficient and simple to install. And the customer has the peace-of-mind in knowing that their wireless system is backed by a major company Motorola with over 75 years of knowledge and experience.

East Georgia Communications has a solution for you. A leader in the public safety arena, we count many local municipal governments, police and fire departments as our customers. We also provide paging and two-way radio services to area hospitals. We provide products and support to manufacturers, agricultural industrial, schools, warehouses, construction, security companies, transportation companies, travel and corporate service companies, distributors and retailers. And we can provide communications solutions for you, no matter what industry or business you are involved in.

East Georgia Communications offers rental equipment and services. We can provide rental solutions for any event: Company events, church outings, school field trips, fairs and festivals, trade shows, concerts and the like. East Georgia offers quick delivery with low daily, weekly or monthly leasing rates available. And we provide 24/7 customer service and emergency technical service.

East Georgia Communications has a tradition they've started and Larry wants to carry into the future. East Georgia Communications is built on honesty, integrity, quality and 100% satisfaction for their customers!

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